Do still remember your first time? (2nd Oct 2012)

“Do you still remember your first time?” the President said.

CC Stefania Yau, “Do you still remember the first time when…?”

It was a calm and peaceful night as we all gathered again for the weekly meeting. The SAA, TM Vinodthini called the meeting into order. The President, CC Stefanie Yau as usual, prompted us to share some thoughts. Tonight it was some sharing about our most memorable first time. Then, the Toastmasters of the Evening, TM Adrian Chan takes over and introduced the role players tonight and get them to explain their roles. Due to the overwhelming response of prepared speeches, there was no table topics for the night.

Attentive listeners 1
Attentive Listeners 2
Attentive listeners 3
TM Adrian Chan, Toastmasters of the Evening with Sunglasses (First time I suppose)
Where’s the sunglasses?

The prepared speech speakers for the night were TM Sharnaz, TM Lim Cin Yi “Life is a learning process”, TM Ng Qi Xiong “Being special”, TM Ooi Tze Siang “Snatch thief” and TM Ng Hsien Yang “My secondary school life”. It was the first prepared speech for TM Sharnaz, TM Lim Cin Yi and TM Ng Qi Xiong and the members applauded as a sign of recognition for the progress made. TM Sharnaz, with his warm smile, interesting way of presenting his speech and the natural style of speaking has won most of the members heart and emerged as the winner later as the Best Prepared Speech.

TM Sharnaz “Sharnaz is such a beautiful name, she said”
TM Lim Cin Yi “Driving exam failed, oh my god have to retake the exam”
TM Ng Qi Xiong “We are all creme of the crop”
TM Ooi Tze Siang “When encountered snatch thefts remember to contact police, get medical treatment and report lost belongings”
TM Ng Hsien Yang “I was sent to the class with naughty boys and girls”

After the 10 minutes break, the meeting was resumed. It was followed by the Evaluation session. The panel of judges consist of CC Chow YiingYng, TM Radhika, TM Ong Ee Lim, TM Low Chong Keat and CC Henry Choong. The evaluators gave a very detailed and helpful feedback to the speakers. CC Henry Choong’s clear and concise evaluation with some demo to the speaker on ways to improve the presentation allow him to obtain title of the Best Evaluator of the night. The General Evaluator, Stanley Teng also his first time being GE as well gave a thorough feedback on each and every speeches as well as the evaluating the meeting based on the PET mnemonics, people, environment and time.

TM Vinodthini, SAA of the night calls the meeting to order after the break
CC Stanley Teng, General Evaluator “try mentoring! For those who lost enthusiasm in the becoming Competent Communicator”
CC Chow YiingYng “I like your wonderful smile and spontaneous style of speaking, you are a natural speaker”
TM Radhika “I like the arrangement of speech which kept me anticipating what are you going to tell us next”
TM Ong Ee Lim “You had a good opening statement, stating that everyone is special”
TM Low Chong Keat “It is good way of presenting using tools”
CC Henry Choong “You could slam the table as though as you were the teacher to enhance the action itself”

Then it was followed by the report from the grammarian, TM Hesmond Oon, Ah Counter, TM Jonathan Ding and Time Keeper, TM Kok Xin Yi. They have indeed done a marvelous job in providing the speakers rooms of improvements technically as well as keep the flow of the meeting on track and end on time.

TM Hesmond Oon “Balik duduk kamu, should be balik tempat duduk kamu”
TM Jonathan Ding “Stephanie Chow, you have 1 AH which is the best for the night!”
TM Kok Xin Yi “Time spend for timekeeper report 1.29 second, Yes!”

Lastly, it was the award session and the Best Prepared Speech goes to TM Sharnaz and Best Evaluator goes to CC Henry Choong. The President then gave the closing address and the meeting was adjourned. Till we meet again!

CC Stefanie Yau giving the Best Prepared Speech Award to TM Sharnaz
CC Stefanie Yau giving the Best Evaluator Award to CC Henry Choong

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