Cheers to the Fall

Week 10 Meeting, 2016


Smiles were all around on our 10th May meeting when we had our esteemed guest from D’Utama Toastmasters Club, Distinguished Toastmaster G Sivalingam.

Toastmasters Nadiah and Zi Ron took the first step in their TM journey with their CC1’s titled “My little stars” and “Time for change” respectively.

TM Thaneswary from Sunway University Toastmasters Club entertained the crowd with her enthusiastic presentation on “the magical world of genetics”

They say the higher that you climb
The further when you take the dive
But it’s comatose
And I can’t live that closed
– Andra Day, “Cheers to the fall” –

The theme of this week was about mistakes. Mistakes are for us to learn from, and without mistakes, be it ours or others’, from where would we learn? The best part about Toastmasters is growth and with this meeting, we continue to grow even better.


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