Penny For Your Thoughts

Week 11 Meeting, 2016


This week we tried our hand at a humour session and TM Yi Jie succeeded in making the running joke of the night:

What is Mickey Mouse’s favourite body part?
This knee

MTMC Members Yong Xin and Zi Ron took up the Timer and Ah Counter roles while guests from Sunway University TMC Ee Leng and Vin Kit helped us out as Grammarian and Toastmaster of the Evening.

It’s a speaker’s night! We had a full list with TM Kar Fei and TM Jonathan having a go at CC1 while TM Christine, TM Anushiya and TM Dao Hong continued their TM journey with lovely speeches.

Our vibrant evaluators: TM Min Yi, TM Ronald, TM Joe Ee and CC Shan.

ACB ALB Rubeinthiran, who was our General Evaluator for the night also showcased his winning speech from the Division’s International Speech Contest. And yes he looks like that in literally every single shot.

Word of the day: paradigm

Aerina: when we made the agenda we thought of the term ‘paradigm shift’. But for you, when I say paradigm, what’s the first thing you think of?
Sherine: time
Lakith: paradox
Edward: … mall.

MTMC 20160517 35


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